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Why Be Catholic Part III

Posted by St. Joseph

Dear Friends,

Over the last two weeks, we addressed ways to invite others back to church. Today, I want to write about ways to explain the Mass to someone who has been away and may be uncertain as to why the Mass should be a value in their life.

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Why Be Catholic? Part II

Posted by St. Joseph

Last week I wrote about our need to be authentic in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our personal friendship with Him is a first step, a foundational necessity if others are to take us seriously when inviting them to encounter Jesus.

Practically, how do I invite others back to ... Read More »

Why Be Catholic? Part I

Posted by St. Joseph

If the surveys are true, and that 25% of Americans are considered “nones” (unaffiliated), then we have a lot of work to do.  The Precepts of the Church tell us that the 7th Precept is “everyone is a missionary”.  This means we all have the shared responsibility of presenting ... Read More »

Happy New Year

Posted by St. Joseph

A new year is upon us.  Number 60 for me!  (I know, I’m a babe to some and an old man to others in this congregation.)   How will you make this different from the last?  What changes will you make to lead a better life, both spiritually and physically?  ... Read More »

Merry Christmas

Posted by St. Joseph

Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” was written in the 1800’s at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  As this novel has been portrayed in various iterations, most people pay little heed to the darkness of the day, and the indifference toward humanity it demonstrates.  Lost in all the dystopic ... Read More »

First Sunday of Advent

Posted by St. Joseph

Four weeks until Christmas!  Does this thought get you anxious?  Does it set you wondering about all that needs to be done.  Sometimes we spend so much time with the anxiousness of preparing and forget the real reason for the preparation.  Our focus must always be Jesus Christ.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by St. Joseph

Am I grateful enough?  This should be a normal reflection for a Christian.  A spirit of thanksgiving needs to be a basic part of our spiritual development, our striving toward Heaven.  God has blest us with so many things:  health (although burdensome at times), a place to dwell and ... Read More »

Veteran's Day

Posted by St. Joseph

Veteran’s Day can be a somber time for those who have served in the military and lost friends and patriots by paying the ultimate price—the sacrifice of their own life.  I never had the privilege to serve, although, I wanted to be a chaplain and minister to our brave ... Read More »

The Domestic Church

Posted by St. Joseph

When we speak of the Church, we know we are referring the Body of Christ.  This includes everyone (not a building) from the Pope to the people.  We are the Living Body of Christ!  The Domestic Church refers to the family, which is to mirror the big Church.  The ... Read More »

All Saints and All Souls

Posted by St. Joseph

Two wonderful celebrations take place this week!  The Solemnity of All Saints on Friday—It is a Holy Day of Obligation.  And, the remembrance of All Souls on Saturday morning—for all the souls in Purgatory.  These celebrations remind us of our eternal destiny.  Life is worth living, so long as ... Read More »