Religious Education Program

In an effort to combat the spread of the Novel Corona Virus, new proceedures are in place for the Religious Education Volunteers and Students. Those proceedures are provided at the bottom of this page.

St. Joseph Catholic Church and its Volunteers provide Religious Education Classes for children in First Grade through 8th grade, including sacramental preparation. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 a.m. beginning Sunday, October 4, 2020. If you need to register your child for Religious Education, or would like to volunteer, please contact Director of Religious Education Lisa Sachs at 815-678-4720.

If you are registering your child for the first time, please provide a copy of their baptismal certificate. The registration form can be found by clicking here. When registering your students, please fill out an emergency contact sheet which can be found here. The Program Handbook can be found here.

Families are expected and strongly encouraged to attend Mass together every Sunday and every Holy Day of Obligation as a crucial component of Religious Education.

Traditionally, all of the students are expected to attend the first Sunday of the month 10:30am Mass with their families. This will not be a requirement as long as Coronavirus Prevention Measures are in place. 

Students should enter the Church School building from the South Doors along Liberty Street after 9:00am. Their temperature will be taken and if at or above 100.4 degrees they will need to go home. Please make sure your student is allowed to enter before departing. Classes begin at 9:15 am sharp, so please plan accordingly. 

Students will be dismissed from the North Exit of the School Building into the Church Courtyard. If you are attending Mass at 10:30am with your student, please meet them in the courtyard and enter the Church at the North Door (by the handicapped ramp). Otherwise instruct your student to walk toward Commercial Street to be picked up. Please make your children aware that worshipers who have accessibility needs may be arriving to park in the courtyard for Mass and they should use caution.

The Schedule of classes for 2020-2021 is as follows........


October 4, 11, 18, 25

November 1, 8, 15, 22

December 6, 13


January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

February 7, 14, 21, 28

March 7, 14, 21

April 11, 18, 25 


St. Joseph Religious Education Program Covid-19 Safety Procedures:

In coordination with Lisa Sachs, the St. Joseph Director of Religious Education, a separate safety plan for the Religious Education Program was developed, allowing for a hybrid teaching model with primary focus on in person learning. The first provision of the safety plan is changing the times of classes to make them shorter, thereby limiting contact time between students. The beginning of classes are also pushed back to 9:15am which will allow for after Mass communion distribution at the school entrance along Liberty Street to conclude before students utilize the same entrance to come to class. 

There will be someone at the school entrance taking temperatures of those entering the building. The CDC lists fever as one criterion for screening for COVID-19 and considers a person to have a fever if their temperature registers 100.4 or higher. Any student or teacher registering a fever at or above this benchmark will be denied entry. 

Teachers and students will also be required to wear masks for the entire time they are inside of the building. Each teaching area will be equipped with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Class will terminate at 10:15 am. Exit from the school will be through the North entrance to avoid close contact between the students and those arriving for the 10:30 am Mass. Parents should meet their children along Commercial Street.