Bible Study

Wednesday Morning Bible Study Will Resume On October 18, 2023

We will continue with the same Bible Study book we were using in May, Biblical Novellas. We will begin this Fall session with the Book of Judith. The 5 books covered in these morning sessions are the “Urban Legends” of the Bible. They're told as if they're true, but no one can ever verify their origins or authenticity. These are the Bonus books of the Catholic Bible (left out of Protestant Bibles) but backed by the fundamental conviction of the Catholic Church, that Scriptures, in all their parts, are “inspired” by God. As with all Scripture, it was written to provide encouragement, comfort, and instruction for all of us. Since covering the Books of Esther and Tobit, many have found a new interest in Bible Study. We hope to keep piquing that interest. Everyone is welcome to join us. In addition to Judith, we will also cover 1 and 2 Maccabees.

Why not possibly discover something you didn’t know about the Bible? There are no written tests, no prerequisites other than a desire to learn more about a small part of God’s written word. We meet on Wednesday mornings for about 90 minutes, from 8:45 to 10:15. (Fr. Blake Hall) And, you will need a Bible. [New American Bible revised edition (NABRE) will correspond with the purchased book, but any Catholic Bible will do.)

If you wish to purchase a book, please let the Parish Office know (by Oct. 10) so an order can be placed. Cost is $14. Please make checks payable to Ann Adrian.