Veteran's Day

Veteran’s Day can be a somber time for those who have served in the military and lost friends and patriots by paying the ultimate price—the sacrifice of their own life.  I never had the privilege to serve, although, I wanted to be a chaplain and minister to our brave men and women in uniform.  I am constantly honored to see and bless our young people when they commit to such service.  What a wonderful way to serve this great country!

Veteran’s Day is not for the living, but, for those who have died.  On this day we honor their bravery, sacrifice and service.  We remember how they defended our freedom and fought for America in all corners of the world.  This Veteran’s Day, say a prayer of thanks for such selflessness.  Be grateful that some gave that all might receive.

War is never a good thing. But, it does become a necessity when freedom is threatened and life is attacked.  A good nation doesn’t seek war, but, neither is it hesitant when it becomes obvious that defense and offense are thrust upon it.  Freedom costs!!!  Sometimes, with our own blood.  Sacrifice becomes necessary if freedom is to result.  Just as Christ sacrificed Himself for us through the shedding of His blood, no greater love has anyone then that they be willing to lay down their life for their friends.

As this is a day to remember those who have died, it doesn’t hurt for us to remember those who still live and currently serve.  Following are the names from our parish who defend us and protect and serve us.  Say a prayer for their safe and healthy return.  Say a prayer for those who gave even into death.