I will be leaving this week for my mini-sabbatical, which is  granted every five years to the priests of the Diocese.  The sabbatical will be for 6 weeks, starting this week (October 8) until I arrive back November 22, the weekend right before Thanksgiving.  I’ll be in Florida working on my book and writing some articles for Catholic publications.

The parish will be well provided for with different priests for the weekends and for daily Masses.  So, the normal sacramental life of the parish will persist, with Confessions, Adoration times, daily Masses and Holy Days all provided for you.  If a funeral occurs, one of these priests will help assist the family.  I am grateful to our two Deacons (Al and Norm) for providing their guidance as things flow during this time.

Please pray for me, as I always am for you!  I’ll see you in a month and a half, just in time to eat my fill of Thanksgiving turkey.  Keep the Faith!