All Saints and All Souls

Two wonderful celebrations take place this week!  The Solemnity of All Saints on Friday—It is a Holy Day of Obligation.  And, the remembrance of All Souls on Saturday morning—for all the souls in Purgatory.  These celebrations remind us of our eternal destiny.  Life is worth living, so long as we live it in obedience to God, with thanksgiving in our heart for the act of love by Jesus on the cross, and, with one single purpose:  to be with Him forever.

St. Paul refers to “this great cloud of witness, who drive us or cheer us on to victory in Christ.” (Hebrews 12:1)  On all Saints, it isn’t about Halloween, but, Heaven!  All Hallows Eve (Halloween) taught us the value of saintly life, to disgorge ourselves from the vices of this world, and to focus on what truly matters:  striving for the saintly life—to become saints!  (a far cry from the modern day Halloween experience).  God has put into our hears a desire to want Heaven.  On All Saints Day we remember most vividly our eternal goal:  to behold God as He truly is, where every tear will be wiped away!

All Souls Day reminds us of the mercy of God.  It is not a second chance, but, a cleansing of the effects of sin that remain in our soul.  We must be purified, perfected to get into Heaven.  Purgatory is God’s way of saying, “You will make it (in Purgatory there is great joy), but, you also weren’t as perfect as you needed to be in your life (there is great sorrow, too, in Purgatory) so, you’ll need to have the “fires” of Purgatory make you “completely” pleasing to Me.”  This is what Divine Mercy is!  It is also what Divine Justice is!  We don’t aim for Purgatory, we aim for Heaven.  The only other option is Hell—This is not an option, it is total loss!  So, pray for those who have died, have Masses said for them.  These efforts move the soul’s cleansing more quickly toward Heaven.

May these celebrations be a great joy and comfort for you.  God desires that no one be lost, but, that we be saved.  He also doesn’t force His love on us, or to love Him.   So, exercise your free will, choose God and choose eternal life with Him!