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Palm Sunday--Invitation to Holy Week

Posted by St. Joseph

I want to invite you to the Holy Week Masses and services.  Holy week is the big lead up to the Last Supper, Good Friday and, most importantly, Easter Sunday.  If you’ve never come to Holy Thursday Mass or the Good Friday Service, I challenge you to come and ... Read More »

Lazarus: A Sign of Awesome Hope!

Posted by St. Joseph

As an aside, I would love to have had dinner with Lazarus after his being raised from the dead.  That certainly was what everyone else was thinking.  “Got to see this rotted corpse brought back to life.”  “This is really weird.”  “Who is this Jesus that can raise people ... Read More »

A Thirsty Soul Needs Quenching

Posted by St. Joseph

In today’s Gospel we read about the woman at the well.  The water well was usually in the center of town.  But, sometimes on the outskirts of the village like in this Sunday’s reading.  It was not only a place to draw water, but, a place to gossip, catch-up ... Read More »


Posted by St. Joseph

The trifecta of prayer, fasting and penance includes, with the virtue of penance, Sacramental Confession.  EVERY Catholic is obligated by Church law to make a confession as part of the Easter season, particularly if mortal sin is involved.  Please take note from the bulletin of the times for confession ... Read More »

Ash Wednesday and Lent

Posted by St. Joseph

Well, Lent is here!  Are we ready?  Ash Wednesday starts it all and Easter Sunday is the climax.  This is a time of preparation, repentance, almsgiving, fasting and prayer.  We never truly arrive, but are always on the journey.  So, I want to encourage you to strive after the ... Read More »

The Crazy Things

Posted by St. Joseph

I had the fireplace in the rectory repaired which allows me sometime to contemplate my belly button and the crazy things that life and our Faith can bring.  (As an aside, both fire and water can be very mesmerizing and soothing to the soul.)

 One of the crazy things ... Read More »


Posted by St. Joseph

Next Saturday, Feb. 18, at 10:00 a.m., our St. Joseph Religious Ed 8th graders will be confirmed by Bishop Malloy.  This celebration will take place at St. Patrick, McHenry, combined with St. Mary, McHenry as well.  Please pray for our young people as they approach this beautiful Sacrament of ... Read More »

Pray for the sick.

Posted by St. Joseph

This coming Saturday, February 11, is designated World Day of Prayer for the Sick.  Pope St. John Paul II instituted this day for the worldwide Church in 1992.  In his letter instituting this day he said, “This is a special time of prayer and sharing, of offering one’s suffering ... Read More »

Blessing of throats

Posted by St. Joseph

This week (Feb. 2) we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord.  This Feast celebrates the circumcision of the Lord in the Temple.  The Feast began in the 4th century in Jerusalem and began the tradition of blessing candles (Candlemas Day) to celebrate Christ as the “Light to the nations”!  ... Read More »


Posted by St. Joseph

Many times questions arise regarding Indulgences.  Below are a few quick answers to the most common of misunderstandings and/or questions.

Q.  Aren’t Indulgences “Old Church”?

A.  Simply put, no! “Old Church” and “New Church” have no validity or meaning for Catholic doctrine.  Indulgences are just as important today (and needed) ... Read More »