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All Saints and All Souls

Posted by St. Joseph

This week (the beginning of November) brings about wonderful celebrations of our Faith:  All Saints and All Souls.  The Threefold Mystery of that which defines what the Church comes to light this week.  First, the Church is militant—She lives in the world striving and struggling to grow in holiness ... Read More »

A Crisis of Discipleship--Part V

Posted by St. Joseph

Last week I spoke how as a Universal Church we can diminish the current crisis of discipleship by prayer, good worship of God, and bending our knees to the Holy Spirit who animates the Church.

Today, I want to provide some ways by which St. Joseph Church can enliven ... Read More »

A Crisis of Discipleship--Part IV

Posted by St. Joseph

Some will say that if what you’ve suggested and presented over the last few weeks is accurate, then can we overcome it?  Can we rebuild, redirect, or even heal such wounds and divisions?  What can we do here in our parish and for the Church worldwide? 

These are good ... Read More »

A Crisis of Discipleship--Part III

Posted by St. Joseph

Over the last two weeks, I have been attempting to paint (with broad strokes) a picture of the spiritual condition of our Catholic Church and society in general.  Since Vatican II, the Faith has been hit with some extraordinary assaults, most of which are of our own making.  The ... Read More »

A Crisis of Discipleship--Part II

Posted by St. Joseph

Last week I mentioned the precipitous drop in Mass attendance in the Diocese of Rockford and throughout the world.  In our country only 1 in 5 people is going to church on a mostly regular basis.  I lamented that since Vatican II in 1965, a slow spiritual decay has ... Read More »

A Crisis of Discipleship--Part I

Posted by St. Joseph

Over the last several years, as the Diocese of Rockford conducts their annual Mass counts, the numbers suggest an alarming result.  The Diocese, as a whole, is at 22% Mass attendance.  By way of comparison, Mass attendance before Vatican II (1965) was 75%.  There are many contributing factors for ... Read More »

Bible Study & Homilies

Posted by St. Joseph

I want to invite you to this fall’s Bible Study on the Letters of St. Peter (1 & 2).  I will be giving the talks on the next 6 Monday evenings in the church from 7-8:00 p.m.—so bring a Bible to walk along.  This is one great way to ... Read More »

A Few Things Happening

Posted by St. Joseph

I wanted to alert you to a few things that are or will be happening at St. Joseph. 

1) The Campaign for building improvements has raised over $209,000.00.  We have already completed the roofs on the rectory and school.  The installation of the windows on the school and rectory will ... Read More »

Labor Day

Posted by St. Joseph

Labor Day is the “unofficial” end of summer.  For me, it’s a reminder that the cool of fall and the winds of winter are not too far behind.  Confidentially, I’ll take summer over winter any day!

But, this day is really a way of highlighting the value of work.  ... Read More »

Update on Capital Campaign and Summer Projects

Posted by St. Joseph

Dear Parishioners,

I wanted to update you with our campaign to fix up some of our properties.  First, I’m very grateful for all of you who have contributed—great and small—thank you.  If you made a pledge, please keep at it as we are ready to begin some of our projects.

As with any campaign, we do what we can with what we raise, and will do what we can with future funds.  We have already spent $19,000.00 on our new air condition unit for the church.  It is a bit loud, so we are working on some options to quiet it down—so, please bear with me on that ... Read More »