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The Problem of Pornography

Posted by St. Joseph

The Barna Group just released a study regarding pornography and the Christian in the modern world.  The following (and very startling) numbers are:

+64% of all self-identified Christian men and 15% of women view pornography at least once a month.

+37% of Christian men and 7% of women view ... Read More »

Labor Day

Posted by St. Joseph

Labor Day has always been an interesting holiday.  For many people it seems but one of two bookends, (Memorial Day being the other), to the summer season.  Traditionally, it is more than that.  The right to work and to organize to defend that right remain the original meaning of ... Read More »

Independence Day

Posted by St. Joseph

The Fourth of July remains my second favorite holiday, right after Christmas.  Fireworks are one of the fun parts of the day.  (I seem to never get enough of such a visual display—not to mention the booms and WOWS).  Cooking out, spending time with family, the  warmth of a ... Read More »

Summer time

Posted by St. Joseph

Next week will be my last column until Labor Day.  With that, summer is a great time to revitalize, barbeque, gather with family, vacation and, yes, still having to work and survive.

When the Lord rested on the Sabbath, it was about more than just once a week.  It was ... Read More »

The Holy Trinity

Posted by St. Joseph

This Feast is truly and really a mystery.  Difficult to explain in words, but, more easily demonstrated by actions.  The Holy Trinity, simply put, is the doctrine of the Church that teaches there is One God, but Three Persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Godhead is communal, yet, united, ... Read More »


Posted by St. Joseph

Traditionally, Pentecost is regarded as the “Birthday” of the Church.  No cake or presents, other than the great gift of the Holy Spirit—The Third Person of the Holy Trinity.  At the Ascension of Our Lord, Jesus told us to go out to the whole world baptizing them in the ... Read More »

Memorial Day

Posted by St. Joseph

I was watching some cable show about World War I.  The documentary was filmed about 5 years ago and contained a segment about a 105 year old veteran from that war who was the only one left alive from that time.  When asked the question about memories of the ... Read More »

Ascension of the Lord

Posted by St. Joseph

This Sunday, May 28, we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord which marks the conclusion of the 40 days of Easter.  We move from 40 days of Lent into 40 days of Easter with the Ascension celebrating Christ’s final day on Earth as He departs to reign in Heaven.  He ... Read More »

Mother's Day

Posted by St. Joseph

One of the funniest memories about my mother comes from when I was young.  With 8 children to tend to, and many times discipline, her temper would flair when we didn’t do something as fast as she wanted.  We weren’t beyond giving her a little lip back, which only ... Read More »

The Rosary

Posted by St. Joseph

The Rosary can be used by anyone , but its flexibility is often underestimated.  By focusing on the prayers and on the mysteries we engage our senses.  By meditating on the mysteries we deepen our understanding of the Scriptures.  By contemplating during and in between the mysteries, we rest ... Read More »