The Young Voice

Our young people are a great joy to me here at St. Joe’s!  No matter what age, it seems to me that they are striving to do the good and holy things in life.  I pray for you and appreciate you! 

At Religious Ed classes, we gave the students children’s envelopes so that they could, in a small way, be a part of the offertory when the collection basket comes around.  On their envelope is a place for their name and what their “Good Deed” was for the week.  Without using names, I wanted to share some of the “Good Deeds” they do each week.  It is their way of honoring God by loving Him and their family by putting into practice God’s hopes for them.  Here are just a few (which I hope will inspire us to be more like them):

“I let my friends have a turn.”

“I took out the garbage without being asked.”

“I cleaned my messy room.”

“I helped by mom clean the house.”

“I prayed the Rosary.”

“I kissed my dad goodnight.”

“I didn’t hit my brother back.”

“I was sorry for not doing my chores.”

“I yelled at my little sister, then said “I’m sorry.’”

“I thanked God for Jesus.”

“I said nice things to my siblings.”

“I respected my teacher.”

“I did all my homework.”

 Our financially gifts are important and necessary.  But, acts of love are part of it, too!  May we all continue to learn from our young people who are not “the future of our Church”, but, are the Church!