Summer time

Next week will be my last column until Labor Day.  With that, summer is a great time to revitalize, barbeque, gather with family, vacation and, yes, still having to work and survive.

When the Lord rested on the Sabbath, it was about more than just once a week.  It was to teach us regarding recreation and rest.  The word recreation means to re-create.  To make new in a fresh way what the old can make too mundane, too ordinary.  Recreation, play, rest, reading a good book, going to the beach, boating, hiking, bike riding—all these are meant to bespeak vitality, energy and movement.  We were not created to be doorposts, but to move toward a conclusion.  To be in motion is to be alive.

Summer is a great way to shuck off the doldrums of winter.  All seasons are great and find special purpose.  For me, summer is the best, particularly as I grow older, cold and snow (except at Christmas) are no longer appreciated.  So, have a great time this summer.  Be safe, see you in church, and stay close to Christ!