Mother's Day

One of the funniest memories about my mother comes from when I was young.  With 8 children to tend to, and many times discipline, her temper would flair when we didn’t do something as fast as she wanted.  We weren’t beyond giving her a little lip back, which only elevated the stern warning, “I’ll use the wooden spoon on you if you don't behave” or “Wait until your father gets home” (which actually scared us more than the wooden spoon). 

I swear there must have been a huge hidden drawer with zillions of wooden spoons in it.  Now, the spoon never hurt our bottoms.  However, many a spoon was broken as it hit our behinds.  That would always elicit a laugh from us, until we were grounded (or dad got home).  We, of course, faked some pain, as her swings at us were hardly impactful.  We knew our mother loved us.  But, real love also provides for a necessary discipline.  Not to mention, upon further review, we deserved just about every swat!

Obedience to our parents is a commandment.  The fourth one, to be exact.  Respecting them and following their direction is an important lesson for a child.  Our parents discipline us in the areas of proper behavior, right action, speech, and respect for authority.  A good mother and father discipline their child in the Lord, and, usually for our betterment.

Today, we honor our mothers (next month, our fathers).  We remember our youth and are grateful for the acts of love and discipline they provided.  We pray that we will always honor our mother and father with the knowledge that they sacrificed for us because they love us.  The little swats and times relegated to standing in the corner were never truly wasted.  As I am a better man because of love and discipline.  I have boundaries and common sense, mingled with right behavior and proper speech.

Thank you, Mom, for loving me enough to discipline me.  But, also to know that you never stopped loving me.  Our mothers deserve our respect and prayers.  There is no tougher job on earth than a mother truly loving and properly growing their children. 

Happy Mother’s Day both those alive and now passed.  Thank you all our mothers for all the good you do and the love you show!