Memorial Day

I was watching some cable show about World War I.  The documentary was filmed about 5 years ago and contained a segment about a 105 year old veteran from that war who was the only one left alive from that time.  When asked the question about memories of the World Wars I & II, he quietly answered, “There is so much more that should be forgotten, than remembered.”  I was moved by that response as it spoke a lot about war and it consequences.

 Memorial Day is celebrated to give thanks for all who have served our country throughout our history as a nation.  I think of all the young people who courageously served the U.S. by expending their blood and sacrificing limb and life for our freedom and safety.  War is never a good thing, yet, it maybe the only avenue left to a nation and world, a necessity when all else has failed.  On this day we don’t celebrate war.  We remember sacrifice, courage, honor and integrity:  values expended for the greater good.

 Many a man and woman have served with distinction and valor and we salute their service and sacrifice.  We remember all who have fallen that we might rise with a new purpose and resolve:  never again war, but fight if necessary.  Thank you to all who are living who have served and continue to do so today.  Thank you to all who have left themselves on the battlefield, or in the sea, or in the skies.  Thank you to all who heard the call to serve our great country.  We salute you and remember you.  May God have mercy on all the faithful departed.  May they rest in peace.