Lazarus: A Sign of Awesome Hope!

As an aside, I would love to have had dinner with Lazarus after his being raised from the dead.  That certainly was what everyone else was thinking.  “Got to see this rotted corpse brought back to life.”  “This is really weird.”  “Who is this Jesus that can raise people from the dead?”

 There are truths beyond the morbid and ghoulish.  First, this story is an indication of what the Resurrection at the end of the world will be like.  This was not a “resurrection”, but a resuscitation.  Yet, a small glimpse of this monumental event, when Jesus returns at the end of the world, should certainly pique our interest as to what eternity will bring. It is going to be awesome!

 Second, Jesus was sad at the loss of His friend.  The shortest passage of Scripture, “Jesus wept,” is expressed.  Although a human attribute attached to God, I believe God grieves at our pain and sadness.  He is also sad at the hurts in our lives.  God became man and was like us in all things but sin.  Because God walked this earth, He continues to walk with us and understands what we feel and experience—now that is an awesome God!

 Third, Jewish teaching held that when we died, the soul hovered over the body for 3 days and then left to go to Sheoul—the underworld or place of the Just.  When Jesus raises Lazarus, he was dead 4 days.  Only God could put the soul back in the person.  Happily, Jesus is God!  Again, totally awesome!

 Fourth, Martha proclaims the divinity of Jesus.  Her Act of Faith, that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is the Messiah, rings through the ages.  There is no guile in her, no doubt as to who Christ is.  This is one of the finest testimonies of Faith in the Bible ever!  A genuine testimony is awesome!

 Finally, this event about Lazarus speaks beyond the moment.  It is shared over and over again accompanied by an ever increasing belief that this Jesus is more than we think.  Such miracles and power will endear Him to many.  It will also cause others to run scared, even to the  point of wanting to kill both Jesus and Lazarus.  This miracle is awesome.  It is bold and it is on fire.  All of which increases Faith and persecution as well!

 Lesson to learn?  Don’t doubt God, trust in Him.  Others will doubt and even hate, but our love shining through to the world will change hearts.  Now, how awesome is that?