Epiphany of the Lord

Today is the official end of the Christmas season for the Christian.  With the Epiphany of  the Lord, we celebrate all the promises of God.  His revelation to us that we matter,  that our Faith in Him will save us, and that He is always present to us more than we will ever be able to imagine!

 When the Wise Men appear to the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, they saw in the eyes of Joseph, a watchful and protective father; they felt in the heart of Mary a spirit of sacrificial love; in Jesus, the promise that God desires our eternal salvation.  The three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh are epiphanies (eye openers) of our need to give in charity, worship God in sincerity and recognize Christ’s death and resurrection as the road to our eternal destiny.

May our eyes always be open to the real and true love of God in our daily life.  Let us never take God for granted, but be bold in accepting this challenge to love Him back.  In so doing we are compelled to love our neighbor as well.  Good and holy charity will be the most brilliant of all epiphanies for a world too often enamored by darker tendencies.