The trifecta of prayer, fasting and penance includes, with the virtue of penance, Sacramental Confession.  EVERY Catholic is obligated by Church law to make a confession as part of the Easter season, particularly if mortal sin is involved.  Please take note from the bulletin of the times for confession offered at St. Joseph Church.

 Now, some people continue to fret over this Sacrament and find excuses not to go.  Some people genuinely believe that they don’t sin (this, frankly is hogwash).  Scripture reminds us that “we all sin and fall short of our glory of God.”  Others presume on the mercy of God.  This is a spiritually dangerous attitude.  If we have a sincere heart, we can depend on God’s mercy, but, we can never presume on it.  There is a Hell and to think Heaven is one’s right is presumption and a mortal sin.

 Some people are converts to the Faith and confession was not a part of their experience; yet, you converted.  You are not ruled by your past but guided by the fullness of our Faith.  Humble yourself, accuse yourself—and go to confession.  In every case, confession is good for the soul.

 So, keep at it and let God heal you and prepare your heart for Heaven.  As the Gospels tell us in Christ, “Be Not Afraid.”