Christ the King

A few years back, a former Vicar for Clergy in our Diocese, sent me a strongly worded letter to the effect that “we don’t talk about Jesus as Victor! Such language is of the past!”  I informed him that the advanced degree in theology he attained was an obvious waste of money and that he needed to pay the Diocese back.

In our hymnal is the song, “To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King”.  It is sung in church regularly, throughout the world.  St. Paul, St. Peter, St. James, and a host of other Saints, testify to the Lordship of Christ as Victor and King.  To put a sure point on it:  Our victory lies in Jesus Christ.  He is King of the universe.  He is Pancreator, Lord, King, Judge.  In Him alone do we have victory over sin, temptation, trial and tribulation.  Jesus is Lord over our world, our government, our homes, our schools, our friendships, our families, and you and me!  It will be a triumphal return at the Second Coming of Christ.  He has victory over evil and the demons and Satan.  There is no name under heaven, on earth or above the earth by which salvation is ours, but, through the name of Jesus Christ.  At whose name, the nations will bow down and every knee shall bend.  We are saved through Christ and His cross—Period!

This Feast of Christ the King is a universal announcement to a world in chaos:  Victory is in Christ, Jesus is Lord and He has won the battle for us.  It is time for us Christian warriors to battle with the Lord.  Make Him the Savior of our souls.  Make Him the Lord of all we possess.  Make Him the true Victor—this is the remedy to chaos.  We must never fear to engage the battle.  He has built us to win.  He has destined us to victory in Him.  Never doubt it!  Praise be Jesus Christ, Sovereign King and Victor!