Ascension of the Lord

This Sunday, May 28, we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord which marks the conclusion of the 40 days of Easter.  We move from 40 days of Lent into 40 days of Easter with the Ascension celebrating Christ’s final day on Earth as He departs to reign in Heaven.  He will not physically return to the Earth until His Second Coming at a time only known to God the Father.

The Ascension is a sad day for the Apostles and the many followers of Jesus.  When all seemed lost on Good Friday, the promise of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday renewed the hope of Jesus’ disciples.  Upon His Ascension it seemed a certain sadness would envelope the Apostles.  But, this sadness would turn into joy as the gates to Heaven were now open to those who have been good and faithful servants in this world.  Sadness gives way to a genuine hope.  Hope realizes the next step:  The call to ACTION!

With the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, He gives His followers a command to baptize all people from all nations, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.  This mission to go out to the whole world and spread the good news about Christ is challenge worthy of our acceptance.  We are no longer sad to see Jesus go up to Heaven.  We are now emboldened by the Holy Spirit to preach and teach Jesus Christ to the whole world.  Filled with real joy, the disciples slowly, reflectively push forward.  Reluctant at first, their halting steps give way to a rush of enthusiasm, until each step turns into a race for the salvation of souls.

The Ascension of Our Lord is a clarion call for all of us to invite others to taste and see what we now experience.  To a hurting world the promises of God become a remedy to a hurting or confused soul.  We are asked to strive everyday to work out our salvation and to bring others along for this great ride of faith.  So, invite others to come to Christ.  No one is perfect but God.  With all our blemishes and scars we boldly seek out others.  Christ has chosen you and me to be His hands, voice and feet in this modern world.  Be not afraid.  With courage in the Holy Spirit and a true faith in Jesus Christ, how can we ever screw it up.  Be enthusiastic about Christ.  Then, let the Holy Spirit do the rest.  God bless you all!