A Thirsty Soul Needs Quenching

In today’s Gospel we read about the woman at the well.  The water well was usually in the center of town.  But, sometimes on the outskirts of the village like in this Sunday’s reading.  It was not only a place to draw water, but, a place to gossip, catch-up on what was going on, and to be seen by others.  A modern water cooler at work can serve the same purpose.

 When Jesus meets this woman, she is quite aware of who He is.  Although both are there to quench a physical need, the spiritual dryness of this woman becomes the focal point for a challenge and a promise.  This encounter demonstrates not only the power of God to read souls, but to also give remedy to that soul by promising that through genuine conversion to Christ one will never thirst again.  Who doesn’t need physical food or drink.  This woman’s concerns are about to be challenged because her sins are as deep as the well at which she sits.

 When was the last time you truly let Jesus pierce the veil of pride that covers your soul?  Do you desire a solution to your sin and tribulations?  Is there a thirst within you to flood your soul with hope and repentance?

 These are the deeper questions of the Gospel today.  The interesting thing about Jesus is that He never forces the woman to believe.  It is always an invitation.  This is true in every part of Christ’s life.  God doesn’t force His love on us, nor does He force us to love Him.  God will challenge us, but will also make a promise:  That if you remain thirsty for God, He will flood you with a remedy that will satisfy even into eternity.

 In our spiritual lives, becoming sponges drinking up every grace and mercy Christ affords us, changes us,  Our acceptance of Christ’s promise by confessing our sins, renouncing our past and hoping for a new life in Him allows us to trust that when God challenges us and invites us to change, the promise will be that we will never thirst again.

 May Lent continue to be a challenge.  May that challenge turn into acceptance of His promise:  You are mine and I never want to let you go!